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Retreat House

The hurried pace of life today prompts many men to seek a place of peace and quiet in which to reflect on their relationship with God, to pray and to be renewed spiritually. The retreat house at Holy Trinity has room for twelve and is open to adult men, whether Catholic or not. Retreats generally are private, allowing the individual retreatant to arrange his own time for reading, exercising, resting, walking, or simply letting the Lord Jesus speak to his heart. Priests of the community are available for counseling and for the sacrament of reconciliation. Women who wish to make retreats may use the family guest house at times when it is not in use by relatives of the monks.

Retreats are usually limited to three days for persons within the State of Utah. A person coming from outside the State may have a lengthier period, which is arranged with the guest master. The abbey church is always open to retreatants for silent prayer and meditation. Retreatants are welcome to attend the chants of the monks and the celebration of the Eucharist. There is no set fee for making a retreat. A free will offering according to one's means is requested, so that the retreat house can continue in operation.

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Each guest has a private room, but there is a common washroom and shower room. A clothes washer and dryer are available for use by retreatants.

Meals are sometimes vegetarian (same fare as the monks); at other times, retreatants' meals include meat.

The retreatants' library has an ample selection of religious books. Other books and pamphlets can be purchased at the monastery's book store.


Reservations may be made by mail, phone, fax or e-mail and should be addressed to the guestmaster.

Mailing address: The Guestmaster
Abbey of the Holy Trinity
1250 South 9500 East
Huntsville, Utah 84317
Telephone: (801) 745-3784
Fax: (801) 745-6430

If a reservation cannot be kept, notice of cancellation should be sent as soon as possible, so that others waiting to make a retreat may be given the opportunity to do so.

Retreatants' Schedule

The time for rising is at the discretion of the retreatant himself. If he wishes to attend any of the monks' early hours of prayer (cf. Monk's Day) or the Mass at 6:30 a.m., he is welcome to do so. He is expected to be present for meals in the common dining room. If he foresees that he will be absent for a meal, he should notify the guestmaster beforehand. Meal times are:

Breakfast 7:00 a.m.
Lunch 12:30 noon
Dinner 6:00 p.m.

The gate at the main entrance is locked at 8:15 p.m. every evening. Retreatants arriving by car should be at the monastery before that time, and if they are away from the monastery grounds at any time during the retreat, they should return before the gate is locked.

Finding the Abbey from Huntsville

Finding Huntsville from Salt Lake City

Approximate Mileage to the Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity from:
Boise 350 St George 340
Cheyenne 430 Salt Lake City 40
Denver 530 San Francisco 780
Los Angeles 730 Seattle 840
Phoenix 700 Tucson 800
Wendover 160    

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